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15 Family Hacks from a Mom of 15

Yes, I am the mother of 15 children. It’s not really that many; I know all of their names in order and even have their birthdays memorized (I suppose being involved in their births makes it a bit easier for me to remember). Walking, running, and leaping down this amazing road of “mommyhood” I have […]

Yes, You CAN Homeschool a Large Family!

The other day I was listening to an interview with a well-known author who questioned the idea of homeschooling a large family. She wasn’t being spiteful or mean, and from her perspective it was true; she only had four children and she was basing her assumptions on her own struggles. It was actually quite typical. […]

Large Family Road Trip Food: Tips from a Mom of 15

Family road trip food does not have to mean a messy, junk-food, free-for-all. There are ways to pack snacks and meals that save money, time and mess! If you have been keeping up with my series on traveling as a large family, you will remember that we started our small army back when we had […]

Large Family Travel: Lodging Tips From a Mom of 15

Finding decent lodging for a large family is not impossible! As far as large family travel goes, finding lodging is a major concern. If you have been following along, you will remember that we started traveling back when we had nine children, the oldest 14, and we continued to travel even after we had our […]

20 Tips for Extreme Hotel Stays from a Mom of 15

Hotel stays with lots of kids don’t have to be a nightmare!   In fact, you can turn a hotel stay into a great family memory. How do I know?–because our large family (17 of us) has done it for years! You can read more about our adventures here and here. Here are some tips […]

Extreme Packing Tips from a Mom of 15 {tutorial}

Packing clothing for a few days’ trip takes some organization for any sized family, but when that family includes a number of small children, the task can seem daunting!   As I related in this earlier post, we started traveling regularly as a family back when we had nine children, the oldest only thirteen years […]

EXTREME Family Road Trips: Mom of 15 Tells All!

Large family road trips don’t have to be a logistical nightmare! I am the mother of 15 children and I have not only gone on numerous road trips with my family, but I’ve actually been able to enjoy myself and relax while doing it. Of course, this hasn’t happened by accident; there are a number of […]

12 Strategies for Large Family Homeschooling

Homeschooling our 15 children has made me really appreciate public school teachers! After all, teachers deal with whole classrooms of children at diverse backgrounds with different learning styles and needs every day. There is a real reason they devote a quite a lot of time to “classroom management.” But then, classroom teachers today are usually […]

Give Your Family a Space Vacation

Families, especially large ones, need space. Not necessarily space in terms of square-footage, but space in terms of Unscheduled Time. Our family seems to crave this, and so we try and make it part of the rhythm of our lives. While the activities and requirements of existence must be factored in, after all is considered, […]

Escape the Slavery of Grade Levels {printable}

Grade levels are not natural, and they are not necessary. They were meant to categorize people so that they could fit nicely into pegs and slots in the cold, massive factories we call public schools. Children are not products, they are human beings. Modern education systems see them as nothing more than the combination of […]