A Relaxed Homeschool Schedule

Theories are nice to read about, but we all need to have real-life examples of just how things work, don’t we? (I know I sure do!) So, how ’bout hearing how we’ve done things at our house? Here is an example of a relaxed homeschool schedule (although I prefer the word “routine”).   Our educational […]

Big Family Italian Dump Dish

We get so busy in our (now) family of 11 that we sometimes forget we have to eat! And, while crock pot meals can be marvelous (I use those, too), I am so guilty of forgetting to start one early in the day (anyone with me?).  That’s why I love this big family Italian dump […]

Unit Study Adventures with G.A. Henty

I have heard so many people say they hate history, that it was their least favorite topic in school. Either that, or they just didn’t retain it or understand it. My own children are astonished when they hear such things. They just can’t fathom why anyone would not love the subject. Actually, history is what our […]

Encouragement for Stay-at-Home Saints

If you are knee-deep in the stomach flu, or teething, or broken appliances, or just having a hard time keeping up with the responsibilities of life, you should consider your holy estate. You are more than a mere stay-at-home mom, you are a stay-at-home saint. Saints, prophets, and all those otherwise used of God don’t […]

A Good Unit Study Plan

To my mind, a good unit study plan needs a little bit of structure and a whole lot of room to wiggle around and shoot off in all different directions.    In case you aren’t familiar with homeschool unit studies, here is a nutshell definition: Unit Studies approach a theme topic from several angles, encouraging […]

Large Family Stress Reduction: Ordering

An emergency can pop up at any time!  One that I recall vividly occurred a number of years ago. Our (then) four-year-old daughter was seriously injured in our new house before it was completely built. She had stepped into an open heater vent and managed to shave the flesh from the back of her foot! […]

More than 15 Homeschool Hacks from a Mom of 15

It doesn’t take a genius to educate a large family at home, but it does take quite a bit of focus and ingenuity. This is especially true when considering the direction and logistical details for another year of learning. If you are like me, you can use any help you can get, and I am […]