Homeschooling With the McGuffey Readers and The Lesson Book

I struggled for years to find a solid language arts program that was both excellent and affordable. When I finally discovered the McGuffey readers it was almost too good to be true. There was something about the charm and wisdom of these books that put my heart at ease.

At first I was totally clueless; how in the world were these to be used? Then I researched, prayed, thought, and experimented.

Finally, I landed on a solid approach that continues to bless all of us to this day. Adapting the methods Charlotte Mason suggested helped create a rhythm by which we could squeeze every drop of education excellence out of each lesson. This included copywork, dictation, and narration.

After following this regimen for some time, I started formatting pages that lessened my work load even further. There were spaces for each part of this excellent content that allowed everyone to feel comfortable forging ahead in a more automatic way. This allowed us to have more time for the areas of content that gave us so much delight.

Of course, I just had to share with others! So offered some free pages for download, and later took these pages and formulated The Lesson Book series for other moms to use with their children.

Still, I know there is some confusion as to how to use the entire system. This is why I sat down a few weeks ago and filmed an entire series on how to use each book and Lesson Book in the series. Below you will find the videos in their entirety.

I hope they will be a blessing!


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