Gentle Grammar for Young Children

There is a stage where the gap between the ability to read and the ability to write is enormous. Of course, early efforts are so precious and endearing! What cold-hearted person could discourage such amazing beginnings, and yet… …I have observed that, if not corrected early-on, some habits of poor grammar and spelling can become […]

Escape the Slavery of Grade Levels {printable}

Grade levels are not natural, and they are not necessary. They were meant to categorize people so that they could fit nicely into pegs and slots in the cold, massive factories we call public schools. Children are not products, they are human beings. Modern education systems see them as nothing more than the combination of […]

A Summer Project: Getting Children to Behave

When we homeschool we are facing two fronts; we are not only having to deal with the shortcomings of our children, but we are also being forced to face the realities of who we are (or aren’t). This, I believe, is the amazing aspect of teaching one’s own children; the revival that happens when parents […]