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Hi, I’m Sherry, a woman on a mission.

“What mission?” you may ask.

The Bible says that we are to share the same encouragement we receive from God with each other, and that is my mission.

I want you, the reader, to come away from this blog with something; a little idea, some positive input, a new vision, the strength to get up and try again.

You see, I am the Christian, homeschooling mom of 15 children, and I know just how challenging life can get and just how blessed a woman can become. I have lived through storms that blew my roof off, and I have enjoyed balmy days where the sun warmed and melted my heart into sweet blissful joy. No matter what situations I have been in, God has been there. He has held my hand, whispered encouragement to me, planted practical ideas into my mind, and corrected me when I got off track.

I know what it is like to struggle in marriage and see God do miracles. I know what it is like to have three children in three years, then seven children in ten years, then 10 children in 15 years, then 15 children in 26 years. I have had three in diapers at the same time. I have had a newborn in the house while our young adult was engaged to be married. These days I am the main squeeze to five children under eighteen and Gramma to nine (soon to be ten).

And all the while I have been homeschooling the whole brood.

So, when you click and take a peek you will find:

  • Practical ideas for large family living.

    Such as this post:

family hacks


  • Spiritual and practical outfitting for the mothering journey.

In posts like this one:

stay-at-home saints glory in obscurity

  • Homeschooling ideas, recommendations and tutorials.

Such as this post:

A good unit study- pages for planning and recording

  • Big family recipes.

Here’s one of my first on this blog:


  • Messages from my heart to yours.

Here’s a good example:

Two are Better Than One

Anything and everything I do is to bless moms like me, so I can be found in other places, too.

You can always click over to my Facebook fanpage where I try and share as many links to resourceful sites and posts from others as I can. Pinterest is another of my hangouts, and I try and maintain boards that will speak specifically to my audience.

I have a YouTube channel where I try and upload video that will explain some complicated ideas a little better.

Oh, and I just upgraded to a smart phone (from a “dumb” phone?), so I can also be found now on Instagram