Homeschool Cheating for Holistic Learning

Our children need to learn about tests and grades and deadlines, but only as subservient to the bigger picture of a holistic existence. We don’t serve tests, grades and deadlines…we serve God and His purposes, and come under those things only as they fit HIS agenda. We need to teach our kids to cheat Caesar.

What did Jesus say?

And Jesus said to them, “Pay to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” And they were utterly amazed at Him.

Mark 12:17

What does Caesar represent? the civil government. As citizens of whatever nation we are born into or reside in, there are certain things we owe to that government. The Bible says we owe taxes, respect, and honor:

Render therefore to all their due: taxes to whom taxes are due, customs to whom customs, fear to whom fear, honor to whom honor.

Romans 13:7

However, the governing body of concern does not own us body, soul, and spirit.

Why is this important?

Because most of us have not been trained to recognize the difference, and most of us have been tricked into giving Caesar more than his due.

(This will become more clear as we move along…)

As we are rearing our children we need to keep this straight in our minds.

Caesar is owed a teentsy, weentsy portion of us, a “fractional” amount, but this is not given until it is acknowledge that every muscle movement, every drop of sweat, every act of recognition and honor belongs to God FIRST, and HE directs its use from there.

In other words, we would not owe anything to Caesar at all unless God had said so.

Caesar doesn’t “allow” us to give our lives to God; God allows us to give only what is absolutely necessary (and no more) to Caesar.

(Even the little we do give to Caesar is God’s, but let’s stick to one thought at a time, ahem.)

The balance of everything we’ll ever be, have, or know, then, rightfully belongs to God, and He gives it back to us to steward.

Having said all that,

“How does this apply to homeschooling, Sherry?” I hear you saying.

Simply this:

Our children belong to God and themselves:

  • not the government,
  • not the oligarchs,
  • not the experts,
  • not the officials.

They don’t belong to the:


  • or the doctor,
  • or the in-laws,
  • or the neighbor.

They don’t even belong to us, their parents.

So, when it comes to learning…

…our paradigm needs to shift accordingly.

The question is no longer:

“What does Caesar require?”


“How does God lead?”

Now, we all know that, no matter how ethereal our intentions may be, we live in a real world with real people and real agendas which attempt to contradict God’s plans on almost every plain. Caesar never stops at a little excising, he takes a little here, a little there, and he continues to grab until he swallows the whole.

We all experience excising, some more than others. This is why we must learn and train our children to understand just where Caesar’s boundaries are, and when he grabs for more than his due we can cheat.

This is not the cheating of corruption. It is not stealing from others or living in lies. It is keeping ourselves from living lies. It is using the system for its original intentions, which have been buried beneath the behemoth stack of bureaucratic eduspeak and intellitalk.

It’s allowing our children to actually THINK and learn, but making it look like they are only parroting and shuffling along in line like good little drones.

There is so much more I am sharing on this subject, but to get the entire gist, make sure and listen to my podcast by clicking below:

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Homeschool cheating for holistic learning

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  1. Sherri,
    I just love your posts on all things homeschool. Please know that everything you say is just such an encouragement to me and my husband!
    In Christ,
    Lori D.


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