Per the FTC regulations, this is a full explanation of how and when I am compensated on MomDelights.com.

When I began MomDelights.com (originally LargeFamilyMothering.com) the idea was simply to bless other moms the way I wanted to be blessed. This was back when the blogosphere was in its infancy and posting involved little more than typing and hitting “publish.”

These days things are a whole lot different. There is the blog theme, the blog host, and all of the other peripherals involved (not to mention the devices needed to access everything adequately) and just about everything takes an investment, not just in time, but also in money.

This means that sometimes it is necessary for me to do some paid advertising. You may notice a plug or two on the sidebar, and even an occasional post that is underwritten or may contain a review and/or an affiliate link. Sometimes I may receive free product that I can keep and/or give away in a contest.

However, most of the time I post it will simply be me talking about the things I actually love and use without any inducement. If you will go back to the posts I have written since the beginning of the new domain, you will see that the links and opinions I have shared have had nothing to do with sponsorship or free products.

One thing I hope you know about me is that I strive to be “real.” Authenticity and integrity are extremely important to me.

That is why I won’t knowingly accept any offers for any products and services that violate my beliefs in helping others with the truth found in God’s Word. And I won’t knowingly lie or mislead you.

Also, if a product is not quality, it will not find its way onto my blog. If it is quality but too expensive, I will let you know.  If something is expensive but worth it, I will let you know, too. I will also make it clear when I have received an actual free sample.

I may also include affiliate links just as a part of regular writing, but I will try and let you in on the secret somewhere at the beginning of the post.

If you choose to click through the affiliate link and participate and/or purchase something, it will help keep this blog afloat so that it can continue to bless others, and it will also bless the writer, Yours Truly, as well!

Also, even though I frequently refer my readers to Amazon for many of the books I promote, I am not an affiliate, and this is because I just happen to live in the only state that makes affiliation with Amazon next to impossible!

I hope this clears things up and helps you feel a little more confident about the information you read here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.