You Don’t Have to be Super Mom

Super powers? Not a chance. Yes, I am the homeschooling mom of 15 children, but there is truly nothing special about me.

You don't have to be super mom


Here I am shopping, or banking, or at church…

I am having a fine conversation with someone; we are discussing the weather or the Lord or any number of things, until…she finds out that I have 15 children and I am homeschooling all of them.

Things close down, shut off, and she tunes out.

“You must have something I don’t,”

I sense the intimidation, the defensiveness, the judgement, the sense of “lack”of something on her part,

“because I could never do what you are doing.”

And on those days I can actually get my words together I want to say,

“Listen, please, dear lady. I am not some super-human!”

You see, when I married my husband I was full of fear, a real clutz most days, had a well-developed habit of in-grown self-pity, and walked around with a little bit of bitterness.

Guess what I had going for me?–Jesus! And I knew the only option for me was to trust Him. 

While it is true that God doesn’t make junk, I need Him to “activate” what He had created. Kind of like this computer; no matter what sorts of fancy software, apps, etc. it has on board, if it’s not hooked up so some electricity it’s not even useful as a coaster.

So, that’s what He does for me every day. He takes what He has created and energizes it, He gives me life and wisdom and a heart to serve Him by loving and caring for others.

Sometimes this means that I bake muffins and put on bandaids with a loving flourish, and sometimes it means that I am taking the time and energy to correct someone.  This is how I “do it all”–just one thing at a time, one day at a time, one project at a time, sending little prayers up to heaven and listening intently.

The only thing I have more than someone else is more of a “need” for God.

Lord I thirst for You, 

Like a man in a desert needs water to drink. 

And I cling to You, 

Like a drowning sailor 

Trying not to sink.   

(Randy Stonehill)   

Everyone and anyone can do this job–if they have the life of God within them.

Do you have the life of God in you?

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10 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to be Super Mom”

  1. Thank you Sherry. Your honesty really helps me, I need to know that other mothers struggle at times but still find joy. You said that you take each thing one at a time but how do you cope when it’s five things at one time and a squabble, a bumped head and the dog just knocked over the toddler, and we are all under the weather? Much like my day today! Its times like these that i struggle to find patience and the Lords peace when the pressure is on.

    • Wow, bless your heart, you really are having a hard time! I think one of the ways I cope is just to surrender any expectations I may have had for my day and realize that He can turn anything around! I also like to sing something hopeful out loud–one of my favorites is from an old group, Out of the Grey “If I know You, You will turn this day into a perfect surprise…” It’s just a matter of getting my eyes back on Jesus and being thankful and looking at the bigger picture.

  2. Hi Sherry, Thank you for your blog. I have been greatly encouraged by your posts, and am inspired by your faith and outlook on life. We live in England and are homeschooling our 5 little ones. Last week we found out we are expecting number 6, and are absolutely delighted, although slightly nervous about breaking the news to family and friends. I too am highly aware of how much I need God’s strength and grace to get me through each and every moment of each and every day. I could not do anything without him.
    Thank you again for your encouragement. I don’t have many friends who homeschool, let alone have larger families, and you are a real source of encouragement to me.

    • Blessings back to you, Katy. You are truly a light in this world–not just in word, but in deed. You are following the Word in Romans 12 by literally offering up your body as a living sacrifice. I thoroughly understand the nervousness of telling family and friends and usually keep things as quiet as I can until I feel out from under the morning sickness, at least :). Each baby is so precious, whether it is number one or number 15, and I don’t like to share the news with people who will rain on the parade until it is absolutely unavoidable. I suppose this is one of those times when the Lord asks us to “forbear with one another,” forgiving those who discourage us without realizing what they are doing.

  3. I get this all of the time. When they hear I have 10 kids the response is almost always, “Oh, you must be so patient.” They always assume I’m some superwoman just because I have 10 kids and didn’t stop like they did. In the last year or so my standard reply has become, “Having 10 kids doesn’t make me more patient, it just gives me more opportunities to practice patience.” 🙂

    • That is so true, Nicole. I think there were good reasons God gave me many children: first, to bless me, and then to help refine me by getting all of the rough edges off (still a lot to go!). That is truly a good reply!

  4. We shut down because we have Jesus too and we are barely existing, barely functional and we cannot imagine what kind of special person you are to be able to do what you do and not have a physical, emotional or mental breakdown. I’ve thought that. 🙂
    I know better now. After so many years of thinking of was some kind of special motherhood homemaker failure I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, got some medication and now I-we are functional and beginning to thrive.

  5. I always feel so guilty when people say I am an amazing mother just because I have seven sweet kiddos. I have to tell them I’m not super woman I have bad days and messy days and days where I’m pretty sure I’m messing my kids up forever. Only by Gods grace are my kids sweet, kind and respectful. And we just keep on keeping on. Praying with my kids asking their forgiveness when necessary and just loving on them. Thank you for this site. I am always so encouraged in home matters and homeschool.

    • I have thought and said these same things over and over, Janelle. I’m so glad I can be a source of encouragement for you!


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