The Jig is Up: Public Schooling is Wrecking America

The socialist, globalist agenda is a definite threat to our country, but it wouldn’t have a chance if it weren’t for public schooling and higher education.

Wherever is found what is called paternal government, there is found state education. It has been discovered that the best way to insure implicit obedience is to commence tyranny in the nursery.

Benjamin Disraeli, during an 1839 debate in Britain’s House of Commons


It’s undeniable. College campuses are blatant exhibits of a system of learning all gone wrong. While claiming to be about the open exchange of ideas, these vestiges of higher learning have instead become more like preschools where base narcissism is encouraged and protected. Consider the reported reactions of campuses just after the election:

Students at Cornell had a “cry in.”

Yale had a “group scream.”

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The University of Michigan Law School offered a session with Play-Doh and coloring to help students work through their trauma.

I can’t help but imagine the face of George Washington or Abraham Lincoln reading such news–would they be laughing in derision or crying in shame and disgust?

There are some really bright young people in this country, many on college campuses, but we rarely hear about them because they are not allowed a voice. What was at one time considered subversive and reprobate now rules academia and bullies the other students into silence. In the name of “tolerance” we now have thugs who censure any one who dares have a different view point.

My own daughter-in-law endured counseling sessions in which her professor yelled at her and threatened her because she failed to write a paper on environmentalism from the politically correct position (it was not an environmentalism course, it was a generic composition requirement).

And she is not alone. All across the country young people are facing bullying, not from fellow students, but from professors and administrators. Even though the majority of us believe in God and claim to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, we are paying through the nose to have our children indoctrinated and brainwashed and we have even put this mass murder of our society on the public dole.

Of course, all of this mess and nonsense does not suddenly appear in the freshman year of college. Over a decade of constant badgering must take place in order to prepare students to accept and fall in line with such “advanced” ways of thinking.

The techniques of brainwashing developed in totalitarian countries are routinely used in psychological conditioning programs imposed on school children. Tthese include emotional shock and desensitization, psychological isolation from sources of support, stripping away defenses, manipulative cross-examination of the individual’s underlying moral values by psychological rather than rational means. These techniques are not confined to separate courses or programs…they are not isolated idiosyncracies of particular teachers. They are products of numerous books and other educational materials in programs packaged by organizations that sell such curricula to administrators and teach the techniques to teachers. Some packages even include instructions on how to deal with parents and others who object. Stripping away psychological defenses can be done through assignments to keep diaries to be discussed in group sessions, and through role-playing assignments, both techniques used in the original brainwashing programs in China under Mao.

Thomas Sowell, in Forbes

As a product of our socialized system of education I have my own perspective. I enjoyed a few great teachers over the years, but I also experienced quite a bit of brainwashing and bullying by teachers who did not share my Christian world view. One teacher in particular took great pains to denigrate God and the Bible repeatedly during class, even though he also claimed we should be tolerant of the ideas of others.

When I was young there were no other choices available; teachers and schools were the only option, and no one questioned what was going on in the hallowed halls of learning.

But they should have. They didn’t know that we were being taught to do Eastern-style meditation and believe that the Pilgrims had a feast to celebrate corn and turkey. They didn’t know that we were sitting around in circles talking about how we were supposed to be angry with our parents and throw fits in non-destructive ways at the ages of 11 and 12. One of my friends was involved with a mixed-gender Planned Parenthood project on campus that encouraged sexual exploration at the middle school level. The kids would sit through the meetings during class hours and then meet up later to try things out.

Every other religious expression was discussed and tolerated, except for our Christian faith. We were told that to keep such things private was appropriate and polite, that we were not being “loving” when we discussed such things in public. We were told to shut up, and we were led to believe that Christian ethics had nothing to do with the beginning of the universe or the founding of our nation or the governing of people. We were not supposed to apply the mores we learned at home and at church to anything of significance. Our economics classes were about the selfishness and greed of America. In social studies courses we were introduced to the religions of the world and told about the merits of each. Then we were told about the Crusades and the atrocities committed by the church.

We spent a few hours on Sunday singing hymns and sometimes hearing a mediocre sermon, and then heard all of it countered or dismissed for the rest of the days in the week, first at school and then on television, often reinforced by the music we heard on the radio.

Yes, it started way back then, in the 60’s and 70’s and the products of such a system have tried to take over our whole country.

Every child entering school at the age of five is mentally ill because he comes to school with certain allegiances to our founding fathers, toward our elected officials, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, and toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity. It’s up to you as teachers to make all these sick children well–by creating the international child of the future.

Chester M. Pierce in his address to the 1973 Childhood International Education Seminar in Boulder, Colorado

By the ’90’s, therapy was the new curriculum.

Schools have turned to therapeutic remediation. A growing proportion of many school budgets is devoted to counseling and other psychological services. The curriculum is becoming more therapeutic: children are taking courses in self-esteem, conflict resolution, and aggression management. Parental advisory groups are conscientiously debating alternative approaches to traditional school discipline, ranging from teacher training in mediation to the introduction of metal detectors and security guards in the schools. Schools are increasingly becoming emergency rooms of the emotions devoted…to repairing hearts. As a result, the mission is the psychologizing of American education.

The Atlantic Monthly, April, 1993

(It almost too easy to connect the dots between therapeutic curriculum and the craziness going on campuses today.)

Still, I did quite well by public schooling standards and I graduated thinking I was pretty well informed, with the skills necessary to do well in any academic situation.

But that was before I started homeschooling. Fortunately, I have been given the opportunity to experience a real education while teaching my own children, and the difference has been astounding.

Not only have I been able to rediscover great swaths of history that were previously absent from my knowledge base, but I discovered my basic skills in reading, writing, and arithmetic were all amiss, even though I had been on the “Advanced Placement” track for my entire primary education. Besides this, I began a long journey of separation and healing from the sensitivity training I received. I started to look at myself and others in a different light, and the truth of Christ was able to set me free as I renewed my mind through the careful study of His word, finally able to see that the Bible was relevant to every aspect of human experience and natural creation.

The products of our homeschooling are not at all perfect, nor did I cover “everything” in our program. But their education was better than mine (even though my parents were good parents and desired the best for me) because I was in charge of it and I had a vested interest in their success.

And that’s the crux of the matter. Children perform better academically when parents are more involved, every educator knows this is true. This is because parents, more than educators or bureaucrats or teachers’ union bosses, have the best in mind for their own children. This means we want them to grow up to be adults, not overgrown toddlers who can legally drive and drink and smoke pot.

More importantly, young people get into less trouble, have fewer sexual problems, rarely become victims of substance abuse, when parents are more directly involved. They are more balanced, more self-controlled, less likely to cave in to negative peer pressure than children who have less parental influence.

The time we had no choice is past. Now we not only have the choice of private institutions as an alternative, but homeschooling, in all of its forms, is available. Besides this, we just may be on the verge of an actual decentralization of education, one in which power is transferred away from the federal government and back to the state and local level.

One question remains: will we take up this momentous opportunity and make the corrections necessary to ensure a society in which freedom of conscience is a right, or will we refuse to fight the good fight and allow darkness to envelope the entire globe?

It is no longer up to our leaders, it is up to us.


14 thoughts on “The Jig is Up: Public Schooling is Wrecking America”

  1. I love this post! I agree wholeheartedly and I will add my .02 cents. I think another contributing factor to the new generatons inability to cope is not having parents engaged from birth up. So very many babies, toddlers, children are being raised by strangers who have no vested interest in them. Afterwards, they are sent to learn in an institution. Now, I understand the plight of the single parent. My own ex husband allowed the “love of the greater number to cool off” and left me and our two small children for a life guided by sin. That said, most of the time with determination, self sacrifice and a lot of perseverance, there is no reason most families cannot home educate their children if they’ve made up their mind to do so. I did just that even as a single mom.
    Keep up the good work! I always enjoy your posts ūüôā

  2. Amen. It is scary. The brainwashing of public schooling seems to be working. I always wanted my kids to go to college but am questioning it more and more now.

    • I know what you mean! We thought we were safe keeping our children going to a college close by but this stuff is so pernicious and EVERYWHERE!

  3. Thank you for writing this post. During the past 2 weeks, even though homeschooling has gone smoothly, I decided that next school year the kids would attend a charter school so I could have a break. I have a metabolic/endocrine disorder which causes me to be exhausted all of the time. I felt I needed a much deserved break. One I proudly thought I deserved. Your post has come at a divine time and I really appreciate your taking the time to write it.

  4. I think you will enjoy these articles:

    I have been part of the homeschooling movement for 17 years but never heard of Ella Frances Lynch. I just discovered her recently. It seems she was heading the homeschool movement back in the early 1900’s. And she was worried about the same issues as many homeschoolers today.

  5. Spot on Lady! I shared this article, and I was encouraged and edified by it as well. You are such a great writer. I have been following your website for a bit and have found that when I’m spiraling out of control and feel so underwater with homeschooling and parenting (although we are only a family of 5), you always have something I can lean on and glean from. May the Almighty continue to bless you, good and faithful sister. Love to you.

    • Thank you for the share, Alesha. I take the time to write to bless people like you, women who wrestle just like me. As the scripture says, we comfort others with the same comfort we receive from God. So glad my words have been used to encourage you today.


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