How to Handle Your Homeschool Circus

If you are teaching two or more children at home, you have a three-ring circus under your roof! In order to become a ring master, you need some tools and some skills!

In my latest vlog I explain just a few of the ways I have learned to keep track of it all. Here are some highlights:

1. Keep it “visual.”

2. Give your kids something physical to keep track of their days.

3. Duct tape is your friend!

4. Index cards come in handy.

5.  Use these updated FREE assignment sheets to help.

To find out more, watch this video starring Yours Truly:



7 thoughts on “How to Handle Your Homeschool Circus”

    • Thank you for your sweet comment, Rachel! I hope there hasn’t been a misunderstanding–the free download is actually the assignment sheet. A proofreading sheet may be something I could put together for the future…

  1. No, no misunderstanding! I just caught sight of it as you were flipping through one of the folders and had a light bulb go on! I can certainly come up with my own version.

  2. Dear Sherry!
    After years of reading your blog I decided to write you to let you know how an encouragement your blog has been to me these years! It really has taught me that mothering can be and is something you can enjoy in spite of the chaos sometimes!
    I am a reader from Europe , also a mom of more-than-the -average number of children (and as many more as the Lord wants to add). We also homeschool because in our country Austria homeschooling is allowed under certain conditions: you have to teach from the same books they teach in their schools, and can choose from a list of school approved books they compiled. Then, at the end of the year the child has to do an exam in front of a public school comission, and if he fails, he has to go the next year to a normal school. If he succeeded, you are allowed to continue homeschooling him/her.
    Even if it’s allowed here, it’s very rare still that people choose to homeschool. Really very rare sadly. And the most people find it really really strange, there are some that don’t even know something like this exists. But we still decided to do it and I find it really a blessing that it’s at least allowed here , not like in our neighbour country Germany where it’s prohibited, or other countries.
    And I always try to find good books I can integrate in our homeschooling besides the actual school books. So I integrate the ones I find translated in german (like f.e. the Laura Ingalls Wilder books) in german class and the ones I don’t find translated in english class.
    So by the way, I wanted to say thanks for the encouragement, what you do really really has an impact!

    • I appreciate your sweet comment, Daniela! You are so brave to take such good care of your children! I have been to your country and was awed by its beauty. May God richly bless you and protect your entire family as you strive to serve Him!


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