What to Think When You Feel Overwhelmed

The new video will really help my fellow creatives. There really is such a thing as too much fun, and do I ever know it! What I have learned to do is narrow down my choices and reduce the amount of details I have to attend to.

In order to do this I’ve had to take Too Many Details and Too Many Choices (TMD and TMC)

and substitute them with K.I.S.S.:

Keep It Simple Sweetheart.

The video explains it much better!


5 thoughts on “What to Think When You Feel Overwhelmed”

  1. I loved listening to your video today! I have 3 little-littles and our house is always bustling. I love the reminder to have a single/simple focus on Jesus. Minimize the choices and details. I feel like that could help me with having more brain space!
    So many good things you said! I love how you paired Scripture with real life examples. Keep up the good work, and keep on teaching us newer moms all of the good things God has shown you and the experiences you’ve had along the way.

  2. Dear Sherry,
    I’ve been following your blog for a couple of years now and recently your vlogs. I’m a ‘young’ (37) homeschooling mom of 10 kids in the Netherlands and I realy love watching and hearing from you. You encourage me so much! Every time I feel overwhelmed, it’s you and Jesus ☺. I call out to Him, rely on Him and read a bit from you and I know it’s all going to work out ok. Thank you so much for being out there, for making your voice heard and for ‘mentoring’ me through large family life.

  3. Sherry,
    I echo Johanneke above. When I start feeling really overwhelmed I cry out to the Lord and often end up here. Your words are refreshment. Love what you said about TMC. My goal this week is to narrow down some choices. I am a thrift shopper and my wardrobe and the girls’ can end up being a weird mix of things that don’t really go together and then I’m left every morning staring at their shelves trying to figure out what skirt to put with what leggings, etc! Don’t have time for that! I also fall prey to trying to do too many things in our homeschool and then there is no peace. Thank you so much for being a living example of a peaceful mother and sharing your wisdom!

    • The description of your TMC sounds so much like what I have experienced numerous times in my life! I’m so glad this encouraged you 🙂


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