DIY Organizing Labels

There are loads of DIY organizing labels tutorials, but most involve special equipment or special expertise.

I know this because I found myself in need of some organizing labels after our recent move. I think I must have moved the food in our pantry around at least three times, so everyone in the house (including Yours Truly) is confused as to what goes where. Labels are the way I can make sure my shuffling doesn’t turn into chaos!

I started out by trying to print out some cute labels with a pretty font. I even laminated them.

But they were small and hard to attach. Then it was a problem when I felt the urge to change everything around one more time ;P

It was while ripping off some old labels I had made with a sharpie and index cards that I had an inspiration: Why not use the same method to create some new ones?

Isn’t God good? He helped me to simplify the problem so I could see what really needed to be done.

How to create organizing labels that are cute and cheap

So I sat down and created a whole bunch, and then created some more, and I’m still creating more as I need them. They are so easy and cheap to make that this really isn’t a problem at all, and I’m hoping it won’t be a problem for you, either!

Of course, change things and make this idea your own, by all means!


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