More Tips for Making Homeschooling EASY

Homeschooling is something that is either hugely complicated or wonderfully simple. It all depends on your perspective. While choice is an amazing thing, too much choice can lead to confusion unless you have a framework that dictates which helps you make decisions.

By God’s grace (and isn’t it tremendous?) I’ve been able to record a new video in which I discuss:

Pairing your choices down to fit neatly in a nutshell

Anybody who is familiar with me knows I am a creative. I figure if there’s one way to do something, there must be a hundred that are even better (or prettier). So…I spend time researching these ways, and then I lay awake at night thinking of these ways, and then I spend time writing down all of these ways.

Then…I spend time trying them all out! Well, not so much as I did when I was younger. Actually, what I enjoy doing more in these latter years is to take hugely complicated things and boil them down to their most basic elements. I think this is because rearing 15 children forces you to make the best out of every minute, and if you allow yourself to focus too long on the minute details, something (or someone) is going to get neglected, oftentimes with disastrous results!

Anyway, if you are at all familiar with homeschooling, you will find that there are at least a kazillion ways to approach it, so if you are a creative like me you are probably dealing with a bunch of confusion, or fear, which leads to anger and all sorts of other junk that is not from God!

Hopefully, this video will help you have a breakthrough by giving you some concrete examples of how to take all that confusion and replace it with the essence of each part of learning so you can create your own plans.


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