How to Turn Any Novel Into a Language Arts Textbook

According to Ruth Beechick, the most wonderful texts for language arts learning are well-written books. This is great news for both teacher and pupil, at least in theory. The problem lies in actually turning this valuable information into something you can use practically with your children.

Thankfully, I have discovered a process to help you change any novel into an excellent, interesting English textbook, and I’m offering it for free here. You can either use something you contrive yourself (such as a cheap composition book) or the free PDF’s I offer here (at the end of this post).

*You could even use these free lesson sheets, or order a few of The Lesson Book if you wanted.

Here is a video that will explain further:


14 thoughts on “How to Turn Any Novel Into a Language Arts Textbook”

  1. Thank you so much for your wisdom and advice! I had no idea about heritage history. What a fantastic resource!
    I love your spirit and wish we were neighbors!


  2. I’m sorry..I am having trouble finding the link to download these pages.

    Thank you for all your wisdom! It’s such a blessing!

  3. Have you considered making a small PDF bundle of notebooking pages? I love your style and we use the grammar and lesson books. We use a unit study as family for subjects other than lang. Arts and math. I would love to have notebooking pages for it that cover several age ranges…thinking K thru 6th. If you ever create that let me know and I will snag it!! I love the openness of these so it doesn’t have to be specific…just more of then so we have some variety for days and ages.

    • Thank you, Brooke, that is truly an excellent idea (and something I really, really love doing besides 🙂 ). We will certainly look into that…

  4. For some reason, when I click on the image, I’m not getting the download. I really would love to have these printables! Please advise! Thanks so much for all of these resources. ~Miranda

    • I’m so sorry you are having trouble! I went back to the page and tried it and it worked fine for me. Are you clicking on the correct image?


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