Five Questions for a Homeschooling Mom of 15

I have been graciously invited by Lauren over at Whole Catholic Living to partake in a homeschool collab! Yours Truly has recorded a video (which you will find linked at the end of this post) along with a number of other wonderful homeschooling moms that will attempt to answer these five questions:

  • How many kids do you have and how long have you homeschooled?
  • What was the defining moment when you knew you were going to homeschool?
  • Do you create your own curriculum, use a faith-based curriculum or secular curriculum?
  • What has been your greatest challenge homeschooling and how are you facing it or have overcome it?
  • What advice would you give someone homeschooling for the first time?

Intrigued? Interested? Think you know how I would respond? Watch and find out if you are right…


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