How to Homeschool with Confidence

Homeschooling is basically tutoring.

It was the original form of education (look at it in Deuteronomy 6:10)                             

If you take it down to its most basic, most effective essence, it is ORGANIC—it is as natural as breathing.

THINK—if you taught your child to speak, talk, and potty train, you can teach him all that is necessary to get along in life.

AND…if you feel uneasy in any area, there is help right at your fingertips. We live in a technical age. There are online resources (many for free) to help with everything from pre-reading to rocket science and beyond.

Take it from a homeschooler of 31 years and 15 kids—learning has never been confined to the concrete walls of an institution. When you have your kids at home and start including them more in your daily life activities, you will find that LEARNING HAPPENS ALL OF THE TIME!

When you sit and talk about how to get along with each other, or how to fix their hair, or when you answer one of their bajilion questions,

YES, that is homeschooling.

Purposeful teaching has its place, but you will find that tutoring is so efficient you don’t have to spend six hours a day doing it. Try one to three hours (one for tiny people, three for the older ones) for actual academics and leave the rest for exploration.

THIS is the magical, fantastical, amazing secret that has kept the homeschooling movement alive for so long: 

Homeschooling gives you and your family a LIFE.

Please enjoy the numerous free resources on this site that can help you as you find your way from institutionalized learning to natural learning. Here are a few:

FREE Charalotte Mason-style learning sheets.

FREE Gentle Grammar worktexts

FREE Assignment sheets

FREE Notebooking pages

You may also enjoy this YouTube playlist:


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