Free Course on How to Fill Your Large Family With Miracles

If you are a mom of many children, your normal is not normal. Now, you may be average in intelligence, or body, or bank account, but the demands on all of these are more than most people can imagine.

I know this because I am the mother of 15.

As the mother of 15, I have a unique game I like to play. I like to go to the store or the post office without my children (or with only a few) and then blow minds with the reality of who I really am; a crazy woman without enough common sense to know “what causes that.”

It never ceases to be fun, even if the reactions are pretty predictable. The remarks I hear over and over include items from this list:

  • You must be so patient.
  • You must be so organized.
  • You must be rich.
  • How do you handle it?

To which I get to reply, “Jesus helps me every day.”

You see, most of us try and stick to things we can “handle.” We pick careers and spouses that are safe. When we think of children, we want only two, a boy and a girl, and they need to be spaced a scientifically-approved five years apart.

I grew up hearing the phrase, “People shouldn’t have more kids than they can handle!” from gossips as they clicked their tongues and shook their heads.

And it’s true. No one, and I mean NO ONE can handle 15 children. I know I can’t do it.

Many years ago I read an old German proverb that went like this:

Many children bring many troubles, many troubles make many prayers, and many prayers bring many blessings.

And it’s true. I have seen so much blessing in my life because of my children. Miracle after miracle has come my way; healings, financial windfalls, circumstances which came together in such a way as I could never have orchestrated them.

This is what we all need; to live in an atmosphere of His magnificence. We need to see Him unfold the path before us in a way that we cannot mistake His handiwork.

This is our heritage as daughters of the Most High!

But what if you are not experiencing His miracles daily? What if you feel lost and unable to cope? There may be real reasons for this, and this is why I created a short online course so that you can begin to experience the fulness of God working in your life.

Along with this series I have created some printables to help you review and keep focused. You will find the links to both the videos and the printables below:

Large Family Miracles part 1: Foundations for Success:

Large Family Miracles part 2:

Large Family Miracles part 3: Work Hard to Have Rest

Large Family Miracles part 4: You’ve Already Got it!

Large Family Miracles part 5:

Here are printable notes for the videos:


9 thoughts on “Free Course on How to Fill Your Large Family With Miracles”

  1. I LOVE your graphics! I am a very “visual” learner and they help so much to organize my thoughts quickly. Thanks for the tremendous work that has gone into this series.

  2. In one of the videos, you mentioned a meal planning system, have you shared that link?
    Your information and encouragement is such a blessing!


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