Homeschool Revival

It is not by chance that you are homeschooling your children.

It is a response to the truth of God–we are ll drawn to it!–believers and non-believers alike.

Why? Because it is our nature. As we are created in the image of God we are either running towards the truth or away from it.

Since you are homeschooling, it is very likely your soul is weary of lies. So, instead of running away from truth, you are running towards it. In fact, you are hungering and thirsting after it.

I know I was.

As a teen I was a believer; I accepted God’s Word as fact, but in school the “facts” I was presented with appeared to counter God’s Word. According to the curriculum, the earth, nations, everything has been running along merrily without any input from God at all.

Basically, nature and mankind have always been on their own, and this is why we are free to live the way we want, make our own laws, etc. Secular education taught us that we live by “science” and not “superstition.”

Instinctively, I knew there was something very, very wrong with the way I was taught to look at human existence, but I didn’t have the tools to confirm and explain my convictions. In many ways I was at a loss when confronted with challenging opinions.

Then I started to homeschool.

At first I was unsure of myself, so I purchased boxed curriculum and started a life-long quest of learning how to take the same facts and truths from my own education and reinterpret them using a Biblical worldview.

As I learned to apply one precept after another, there was such a release! Thanks to many who have laid the ground work, my entire outlook on science, history, geopolitics, relationships, etc. has changed. This knew way of thinking has justified me in taking the Bible as the actual, factual words of God–and my esteem and expectation of God has matured and increased.

Yes, we come homeschooling to protect our children, but we end up with much more. we end up with a spiritual awakening, and we become shining lights in a dark, world.

Some things don’t make sense at first according to our public school-trained way of thinking. This is because we have undergone a reshaping of our minds and emotions.

This is intentional.

My basic training experience in the army taught me a few things. In basic, they stripped us of everything familiar to disorient us, then they stripped us of our own sense of self-worth. After we were desperate for connection and security, they provided it in the form of camaraderie and a military bearing. They made us vulnerable so we would unquestionably receive instruction and orders.

After much research and observation I have come to believe that institutional care of children is a years-long brainwashing program.

It is meant to strip us of our family and personal identities so we will accept the identity and “family” assigned to us.

I recently listened to a woman talk about what is currently being pushed in public schools; something called “Social Emotional Education.” It sounds so very nice, but it is only more of the replacement of God and family in a child’s life. It is godless and it is evil, but it is only one element in a long line of dastardly attempts to reshape us in the image of the devil.

If we have attended an institutional daycare or school in the last hundred years, we have been stripped and reshaped on an emotional/spiritual level and we need to be healed and restored.

Thankfully, we serve a God who is full of lovingkindness and wants to bring us back to health and soundness:

He heals the brokenhearted
And binds up their wounds.

Psalm 147:3

In another blog post I hope to outline ways we can grieve our losses and allow that healing to be complete–so look for it!

By the way, you can hear this message on my Mom Delights podcast:

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