The Essential Role of Aprons for Mommies: Protection and Convenience

Every serious-minded mommy needs to have the best equipment at her disposal. By far, one of the best things I’ve ever used in my mothering career is my apron!

What do aprons do for mommies?

They protect our clothes from:

  • Cleaning products (especially things like bleach)
  • Bodily fluids (from infants, to toddlers, to teens)
  • Other yucky things (such as dirty trash cans and animal cages)
  • Wear and tear (from repeated motions such as washing dishes)

They give places for us to carry our tools around, such as:

  • Tissues (for wiping eyes and noses)
  • Pen and notepad (for jotting down ideas and reminders)
  • Scissors (for cutting open packages and cutting off loose threads)
  • Cell phone (so you can stick a bud in one ear and talk on the phone while you roam the house picking up stray socks)
  • Multi-tool (with a screw driver and pliers so you can tighten and loosen things as needed)
  • Treats (for kids who are sad or doing something terrific that should be rewarded)

They also give a morale boost. To me it’s like suiting up for war against chaos! The pretty ones I own dress up my drab wardrobe. They also give me more confidence to tackle hard jobs because I feel so protected.

Where can you find aprons?

I have found some really nice ones:

  • At thrift stores
  • At estate sales
  • From Sam’s Club (I’ve bought them in a pack of three in the past, but they don’t seem to be currently available)
  • From Costco (they currently have a pack of 2 commercial aprons for under $11)
  • From Amazon (here are a few of my favorites : floral aprons, heavy duty canvas, Japanese style)
  • By sewing my own (just use an old apron as a pattern)

A laundering tip:

Be sure and take the apron times and put them into a tightened bow, otherwise they will wrap around your other clothes in the washing machine and you will have a mess to unwind at the end of the cycle!

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