Video Intro to the McGuffey Readers

Because I have received so many requests about the McGuffey readers, I thought I would sit down and record a few short chats on the subject.

Nothing posh or polished, just me in our basement “school” room (you might see a child streaking behind me about half-way through!).

More to come!

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14 thoughts on “Video Intro to the McGuffey Readers”

  1. Here is a curriculum that engages children with the McGuffey reader and other classics.

    One can find it on amazon for only 10$ a level (age 4-10) and it zaps all that planning time in half and without having to keep children’s eyes focused on a computer screen.

    I also encourages home-education folks to incorporate Native American studies and languages in the lesson plans…..just fits with husband’s heritage and so forth.

  2. So, how would you decide where to start an older child? I would like to use these with my 10 and 8 year old children, but wouldn’t know where to start them. My boy who is 10 reads boxcar children books and my child who is 8 only enjoys reading her Bible and books for her younger siblings. Is there some sort of placement guide? Or would we just pick one and see how easy/hard it is?

    • These are excellent questions. I think I will write a post to explain some methods so that you can find their places in the books.

  3. I’m so glad you made this video! I love the look of the readers and have been considering trying the primer with my second child who is ready to start learning to read.


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