Using Vintage Books for Homeschooling {Video}

I’m having so much fun with these videos that I decided to go for another one; this time about the many ways we can use any number of vintage books, not just the McGuffey readers, in our homeschooling adventure.

As a help, I am including here a short list of resources:

Clip Art Etc.

This is the place where I find vintage clip art to use when I am doing projects such as covers and spines for my self-bound books.

Dollar Homeschool

Here is where you can find collections of vintage materials on CD (I wrote the intros for these, but I am not compensated for orders).

Here are some examples of vintage books online:

Everyday Classics first reader

Dictation Day by Day

America First: 100 Stories From Our Own History

Here are some other posts with video in this series:

Video Intro to the McGuffey Readers

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Using the McGuffey Readers for Progressing Readers and Writers

How to Place Your Child in the McGuffey Readers



12 thoughts on “Using Vintage Books for Homeschooling {Video}”

  1. FYI: The link above for The America First: 100 stories goes to the same place as the link for Dication Day by Day.

  2. I love your videos!! I think I’m going to take the leap next year and use McGuffey’s and old Victorian classics! I am so inspired by your videos and seeing how you use materials you find online, etc. I can really relate to the workbook sticker shock…we went down that road this year…

    • That is terrific, Katelin! I hope you enjoy your journey as much as we have been–I am enjoying making these videos and think I will continue, by God’s great grace!

  3. I love your videos and your way of communicating is so simple and refreshing. Thank you! Please, keep ’em coming!

  4. Do you have a list of all of the vintage books you use in your homeschooling? I would love to see more of what types of books you use with your children!

  5. Hi there, I was looking through the Internet Archive and found Number Stories 1 and 2 and a Workbook for download. I think number 1 is the same book in your video with a different cover. I have been saving the public domain books that I would like to read because I have noticed that many of them are going to a borrow system rather than download.


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