Homebuilding 101: You Already Have What You Need!

As a mom of 15 I know about needs! How many times have I been in situations where I didn’t know what my next move would be. I’m thinking here of taking an infant to a well-baby check-up with two other toddlers in tow, or grocery shopping with an infant and six other children under 10!

In each situation, God had what I needed! All I had to do what open my eyes to what He placed before me and take advantage of it. It seems almost daily He is using the mundane to do the supernatural in my life!

The Bible is full of examples of how God met the needs of His people in this way. Think of the sea He used to drown the Egyptian army, or the rock to poor out water, or the wind He used to drive the quail for the meat the Israelites craved.

If you are the mom of even one child, you need this revelation, so make sure and watch the video to find out more:



3 thoughts on “Homebuilding 101: You Already Have What You Need!”

  1. Thank you for this great reminder! It’s so encouraging to me to see your faithfulness in the “small” things; it challenges me to keep looking to Christ for the needs of each day.


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