Charlotte Mason for Real Moms Video series Introduction

Charlotte Mason was an amazing educator who has given the modern homeschooling movement balance and direction. The hinge pin of her methods was simplicity, but putting her ideas into practice at home is anything but simple.

That’s what I’ve found, anyway. I started out with only glimpses via Internet articles and books which were paraphrases. I became so encouraged by what little I read that I implemented it immediately.

(This was a great departure from the safe shores of boxed curriculum for me. It was scary, but oh, so liberating!)

As years went by I noticed some quality efforts at explaining Mason’s methods further, but these were also a bit daunting to put into practice, especially all of the different requirements at so many different levels (since I was often homeschooling seven or more children at a time).

So I researched, and I tweaked, and I researched, and I tweaked, until I hit on what I believe is the core of what Mason intended, only without all of the “twaddle” of the impractical extras being touted.

If you are interested in know just what conclusions I came to,  you can read my original post, Charlotte Mason for Real Moms, and/or you can watch the vlog series I am doing by clicking below:


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