Charlotte Mason for REAL Moms: What Education Is and Isn’t

What is education, anyways? Aren’t schools the place to find out?

Unfortunately, no. Due to many, many things they are probably the worst places to discover what true learning is.

This is the way I see it; if I wanted to know all about housecleaning, I wouldn’t ask a neighbor who is a hoarder. If I wanted to know how to keep up a car, I wouldn’t go to the fella with the smoking jalopy down the street.

So when I finally realized just how badly schoolish methods worked, I started looking for people who were successful, people like Karen Andreola and Susan Schaeffer Macaulay. These dear ladies led me to Charlotte Mason, and the rest is history…

…or maybe it should be, anyways.

I talked all about that in my last video, but this video is more about what education is and isn’t, which really helps if you’re still scratching your head.

Hope you enjoy it ūüôā




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  1. you’ve mentioned a book before and now i cannot find the blog post. it is about who radically changed our education system. who and when and how.


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