Renew Your Marriage

In my last post we discussed the introduction to our series entitled “Eve Reborn.” I have since added numerous videos, so I thought it would be good to put up a post and give some added insight on how to renew your marriage.

It is important to realize that when we are born women, we are equipped to refresh and create. However, since we are also born as “Eve deceived,” it is quite an exercise to keep our equipment from turning everything we touch into a mess.

We need to be reborn.

When we realize there is nothing we can offer God, no good deeds, no spiritual attainments, no heroic deeds that are not tainted with ego, then we are ready to receive the abundance Jesus talked about. Nothing comes from nothing, and a huge, vacuous hole is all that is left when sin is removed from our souls. God already knows this, but it takes some time for us to realize it for ourselves. As we do, we see that Jesus Christ offers to fill us and renew us at the sub-molecular and every other level!

This is where the true Eve, the one that is positively creative, starts.

Our children need the New Eve. Our husbands need the New Eve. They are desperately thirsty for the life of God (ZOE) in a world that is a parched desert. We must become like a hose so that the life of God can flow through us to them.

But as the New Eve, we still have old patterns and habits. Very few of us have ever seen what Eve Reborn looks like–there are fewer and fewer examples in our age.

Thankfully, there are those who have written down the steps to break free from the old and walk out into the new. These are the resources I share in the videos below.


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    • That’s for sure! We are so saddened with what is being taught in church! Our children have been trying to go to a local young adults’ group but can’t stomach the political correctness being touted there–apologizing for things like “servanthood” in the Bible.


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