Free Spring Writing Experience

Spring is a season we all relish, one that is perfect for nature study. And, if we’re smart, we can harness the enthusiasm for nature and channel it towards an area of homeschooling that needs extra focus. This idea has prompted me to develop a free spring writing experience to share with you.

What is a “writing experience”?

Well, it’s not really a “curriculum,” which would involve a thorough, methodical treatment of writing. It’s more about the subject, in our case “robins,” so we are merely experiencing robins and exploring ways to write about them in an interesting way.

I wanted this to be “open and go,” so I included pages of Anna Botsford Comstock’s Handbook of Nature Study. Even though I already own a physical copy of this book, it will be easier for my daughter to have the pages directly before her as she completes the exercises.

She will be using the information provided in the Handbook to copy down the details and use them later to create her own essays. (I explain all of this in the directions pages included in the pdf.)

Also, I created some “warm ups.” These are some drawing, coloring, poetry, etc. exercises that can be used when one feels “stuck,” or just as a break when essay writing feels intense or overwhelming.

I think my daughter will love it, and I hope your children will, too!

Here is a video that explains further:

By clicking the graphic below you can download the pdf file:


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