The McGuffey Readers for Beginning Readers

I know in my last post I introduced the McGuffey readers. I hope you came away with some valuable information and are a bit less mystified. In this installment of my video chats I try to give a general idea of how I use these marvelous books to teach “emerging” readers and writers. I hope you enjoy!

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12 thoughts on “The McGuffey Readers for Beginning Readers”

  1. This was great! I have downloaded and printed out several of the readers, but didn’t know what to do with them other than just read. Our current phonics program just goes through first grade, but I will plan to use these after!

    • I’m so glad you have decided to go with the McG’s! They continue to be such a blessing to our homeschooling!

  2. Oh … thank you! I am sitting at your virtual feet, soaking this in… please, tell us more. How far do you use the readers? I would like to know more of how you use them for older grades as well [eldest is 12]. Thank you for your time and help!

    • I have really been enjoying this myself–I’ll be putting the next video up today. I use the McG’s all the way through high school–they are really that good!

      • I just came across this post, and it is wonderful. I have been using the Mcguffeys readers with all of my children for 16 years now. Every time I thought we’d try something “new and improved”, we always ended up coming back to Mcguffeys. We also love Rays arithmetic, Strayer-Upton Practical Arithmetic, and Serl’s Language Lessons. These are tried and true, inexpensive, and adaptable to all children.
        I appreciate how you use the readers, and will be implementing these techniques in our home. God bless!!!

        • I know what you mean! Every time I veer to the left or the right I come back to these “old” materials which have stood the test of time for a reason ūüôā

  3. Oh my goodness I just received my set of the eclectic readers, which I ordered after seeing all you do with them.

    We haven’t even started homeschooling yet (my oldest are 2) but I think I’m going to read these myself in the mean time. Love love love your blog and come here often, always leaving encouraged! Our family is quickly becoming “large” and I feel truly mentored by your posts. So lovely.

    • Bless you, Jasmine. I’m so glad this is an encouraging place for you–that is our aim! I know what you mean about reading the McG’s–that’s precisely what I did when I first got them, for devotions, no less :). I still find myself reading them as I am correcting the children’s work–then I get lost for a bit and have to be roused so I don’t waste a lot of time…

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